Current Research Interest

My current research interests include information and knowledge management (big data), computer-supported cooperative work, software technologies, and distributed systems. Since 2007, these research interests have been applied in various research and development activities related to the overall theme of tools and techniques supporting information and knowledge management processes (workflow) including the following application areas:

Current Research Projects and Prototypes

Health Informatics

"Patient@home: Innovative Welfare Technology for the 21st Century" is the national Danish Strategic Platform for Innovation and Research (SPIR) on welfare technology (grant holder and project manager (PI): Uffe Kock Wiil). The platform is funded by the Danish Strategic Research Council, the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation, and the Region of South Denmark. The total budget is around 190 million DKK covering the period from 2012 to 2018. The platform includes research and innovation partners from Denmark, USA, England, Japan, China, Finland, Norway, Spain, and Germany. More than 35 (primarily Danish) companies are currently participating in the project.

As part of Patient@home, we are collaborating with the Joint Acute Admissions department (FAM) at Odense University Hospital (OUH) to build a clinical decision support system to help identify patients at risk and patients in need. Also, we are collaborating with AI Lab, University of Arizona to develop a Danish version of DiabeticLink.

In general, the aim within the health informatics area is to collaborate with clinitians and end users to develop clinical decision support systems and systems that enable patient empowerment.

Security Informatics

The goal of the CrimeFighter project is to invent, develop, and evaluate novel models, tools, and techniques to collect, monitor, structure, interpret, analyze, and visualize information related to criminal networks. CrimeFighter consists of three overall software packages. CrimeFighter Explorer is a software package with various services aimed at collecting and monitoring information from open sources. CrimeFighter Investigator is a software package with various services aimed at supporting criminal network investigation. CrimeFighter Assistant is a software package with various services aimed at supporting analysis and visualization of criminal networks.


This work aims at providing lightweight planning solutions that support the true nature of planning processes within individual domains. One such example is ASAP (a lightweight tool for agile planning).

Past Research Projects and Prototypes

Open Hypermedia and Structural Computing

(1997 - 2005) Construct
(1994 - 2001) Open Hypermedia System Reference Models, Architectures and Standards
(1993 - 1998) HyperDisco
(1990 - 1995) Hyperform
(1989 - 1991) HyperBase & EHTS

IT Support for Production Planning

(2003 - 2004) PIT: Production and IT Support
(2000 - 2002) IDAK: IT Support for Decentralizing Responsibility and Competence
(1998 - 2000) FASIT: Future Work Organizations, Control, and IT Support

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