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Currently (2005-) associate professor (lektor) at Maersk McKinney Moeller Institute of Production Technology (MIP) at University of Southern Denmark, in Odense, Denmark. I am co-director of the Modular Robotics Lab, member of the Morphing Production Lines project and a member of the Software Engineering and Technology group.

Formerly (2000-2005) research associate professor (forskningslektor) at DAIMI (the department of computer science at Aarhus University), in Aarhus, Denmark. While at DAIMI, I was a member of the Object-Oriented Software Systems group, manager of the B&O+OO project funded by ISIS, and a member of the PalCom project.

Formerly (1997-2000) PhD student in the Compose Group (now reincarnated as the Phoenix project) of IRISA , at the University of Rennes I, Bretagne, France. My Thesis advisor was Charles Consel.

Formerly (1991-1997) Masters student at DAIMI, University of Aarhus, Denmark


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