It's really a great computer! 68008 processor (slow, but uses 68k machine code), fully multi-tasking operating system, abstract I/O, true pipelined processes, windowing, lots of neat applications ... mine had 896K worth of ram (compare that to your average C64!) and a double 720K 3.5 inch disk drive (giving me 1.4M total storage available when cleverly using both disks to balance the data load ... Ah! those were the days).

You may be wondering why I'm referring to my QL in past tense. Well, the thing is, I sort of sold of some of the peripherals to buy my next computer (Pentium PC running Linux), and the rest got stolen (can you imagine it - and I still had all the software and the manuals, so whoever stole it couldn't make any use of it! *sigh*).